The Cider

Having mastered the production of perfectly blended apple cider, the team at Albens put their skills to developing exciting new flavours. After much experimentation they have come up with two new delicious blends: mango and strawberry. Great care has been taken to ensure that the new flavours are made in the traditional manner and that the new fruit tastes complement the apple flavour of the original product.


From an old English cider recipe, we have brought the crisp classic taste into the modern world. Classic apple cider. Bitter-sweet and refreshing. Triple cold filtered ABV 4.95%

Apple & Mango

A perfect blend of mango and fresh apples, best served cold on a hot day. Original apple cider infused with tropical mango. Triple cold filtered ABV 4.95%


A mix of sweet strawberries with our original apple cider, refreshing with every sip. Original apple cider infused with fresh strawberry. Triple cold filtered ABV 4.95%

Our Flavours
Original Mango Strawberry

"When I drink, I think; and when I think, I drink.” ~ Francois Rabelais

At Albens Cider we do things a little different. Not only for our own satisfaction, but to encourage others the privilege of doing so. Everything humans have created has been the result of innovative ideas that can only be achieved by thinking differently.

Born from the love of cider, we follow the classic time-honored traditions of cider making and add our own little twists which result in Albens being the quintessential drink of choice for any occasion.


Only the freshest Fuji apples are selected and all additional ingredients are of the highest quality including the imported Champagne yeast that is used in all of the ferments.

Although Alben’s cider making methods are traditional, the Cidery is a modern custom built facility filled with the newest technology. This ensures that the fermentation and filtration processes are temperature controlled in the perfect environment.

This attention to detail guarantees the highest quality standards and is overseen by a team of international cider makers and lab technicians; nothing gets past them that is anything but perfect!

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